Unlock Bypass Decode Service Option for Renault Sirius 32 ECUs



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Cartech Electronics

  This listing is for the unlock (decode) service for Renault Siemens Sirius 32, Sirius 32N and Sirius 34 Engine ECU without CAN BUS.   If you are having problem with your immobiliser this is the option for you, just removing the immobiliser of the ECU will get the car back in the road in no time, no wiring or anything is needed for you to do, you only need to send us the Engine ECU and we will carry out the job for you, you will then receive it back ready to Plug & Play, touraround is only 2 working days.     Find below some inclusive but not exclusive numbers:


S110030002  7700110471

S110030018  7700110471

S110030030  7700110471

S110030034  7700110471

S110030048  7700110471

S110030054  7700110471

S110030058  7700110471

S110030202  7700110471

S110030204  7700110471

S110030208  7700110471

S110030214  7700110471

S110030218  7700110471

S110030306  7700110471

S110030330  7700110471

S110130040  8200044437

S110130048  8200044437

S110130058  8200044437

S110130206  8200044437

S110130220  8200044437

S110130224  8200044437

S110130334  8200044437

S110138000  8200044437

S110138000  8200059086


     Once payment has been completed please send your ECU to us with your details and purchase reference number.   Free Technical Support!   For more info about Unlock or Free Recode options please visit our FAQ page.       In case you need any further information please do not hesitate to let us know.     

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Clio ECU Bypass

Posted by Gary on October 8, 2013

Having used this service a number of times – I can only praise these guys for their continued service .
The turn around time has been consistent at 2 days.

Initial problem with the car is flashing immobiliser light and non-starting. This service fixes the issue outright without the need for any other work needed – now the car starts first time, every time. Takes less than 10 mins to remove and install ECU.