Plug & Play ECU HDI, 0281011343, 0 281 011 343, 9651175180, 96 511 751 80, EDC15C2



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0281011343, 0 281 011 343,

9651175180, 96 511 751 80,



Con nuestras centralitas (ECUs) ahorra hasta un 80% en
comparación con los distribuidores de las respectivas marcas.
Solo tenemos productos genuinos de excelente calidad.


Enviamos de manera expresa a cualquier parte del mundo.
Contamos con más de 10 años de experiencia.

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  • Weight: 1 kg
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  • Trial Restock: Tier 2

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100% Success

Posted by FGL (Tewkesbury) on February 8, 2013

My six year old Peugeot Expert van ECU started to report strange and unrelated errors. Errors would set in and then clear themselves, without the van even moving !
I tracked it down to rusty water in just one of the three ECU connectors. Unfortunately one of the pins had rusted so badly that it broke and stuck in the connector.
So I had to find a replacement ECU and request a separate wire out of the unit to take over from the broken off pin.
To my delight and amazement, the expert at CarTechElectronics (Daniel)was happy to do this for me. Communications were great and questions were answered by return email or phone.
And the best of it was that the replacement ECU was 100% successful. The engine started first time and the ‘funnies’ have gone away.
I can heartily recommend this company, based on my personal experience.