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DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this emulator you accept at your own responsibility that the use of the purchased module does not violate any law in the country of usage. You must be the legal owner of the vehicle in which you intend to use this device or have the express permission of the vehicle owner.    This listing is for a Julie PRO.   DHL Express Next Day Delivery for any other placed before 2pm. (Please note during festive season there could be delays on the delivery, we cannot guarantee it next day)    For full installation instructions please visit carlabimmo site here:    https://carlabimmo.com/julie-manual     Latest version 122     Julie™ PRO IMMO OFF & ESL/ELV Emulator     Thousands of cars. One Emulator.   Experience the world-leading product in car immobilizer and ESL/ELV solutions.   Immobilizer Signal Replacement Faulty immobilizer, damaged ECU, lost keys, engine swap – you can solve all of these cases and many more simply by using Julie™ PRO, which supports thousands of ECU numbers that work over CAN or K-Line communication protocols, replacing original immobiliser signal. As long as Julie™ PRO Emulator remains installed inside the ECU, the system is working correctly.   Want to know how powerful Julie™ PRO really is? Go ahead and check out an online search tool to find out if Julie™ PRO supports your car: https://carlabimmo.com/search     ESL/ELV Signal Replacement Damaged Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESL/ELV) is a common fault in many car models, the repair of which may get really expensive. Luckily, there’s Julie™ PRO Emulator! By installing the Emulator in the place of the damaged ESL/ELV module according to instruction manuals, you can save a great deal of time and money!         Julie™ PRO Emulator made by CarLabImmo – true immobiliser experts – provides everything that you are looking for:   Support for thousands of cars Julie™ PRO boasts the widest coverage of supported cars: from Volkswagen to Ferrari; from cars produced in the 90s up to the latest models that are leaving the manufactory at this very moment! This means that no car that rolls into your workshop will surprise you!   Reliable solutions Every solution that can be found inside Julie™ PRO has been extensively tested in CarLabImmo headquarters. No more browsing the internet for questionable products – enjoy the peace of mind that only Julie™ PRO can provide.   Easy-to-follow procedures Step by step instruction manuals make Julie™ PRO accessible even for those who take their first steps in the world of car electronics.   Tech Support Tech Support Forum, instruction manuals, video tutorials – CarLabImmo provides all that you need to successfully use Julie™ PRO. Users can even ask whether it is possible to create a new solution specifically for their ECU.   Best materials. Seamless performance. Thanks to the use of automotive microcontrollers, Julie™ PRO can work reliably even in harsh weather conditions. Gold plated solder pads on the Emulator’s PCB ensure that the product will be able to work for decades.   Externally programmable EEPROM Memory Program selection and writing values into the 24C02 EEPROM memory of Julie™ PRO can be done with the use of 24C02 EEPROM Memory Adapter for Julie PRO (available only in a Bundle with 30 pcs of Julie™ PRO). Soldering jumpers and unsoldering the Emulator’s EEPROM memory is now optional.   Thoroughly tested during production Every Julie™ PRO Emulator is tested at least three times during various stages of production before leaving CarLabImmo.   Eco-friendly The materials found inside Julie™ PRO Emulator meet the standards of RoHs Technology, ensuring that they are not harmful for the environment.   Add Julie™ PRO Emulator to your workshop and become immo expert today!   Find solution for your ECU or car: https://carlabimmo.com/search Learn More: https://carlabimmo.com/julie CarLabImmo Technical Channel (YouTube): https://youtube.com/channel/UC8Ulit4LW5Gbvj6OncWEAsw/videos

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